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The Open Toolkit library

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The Open Toolkit is a free, cross-platform library that allows.Net/Mono programs to use OpenGL and OpenAL. It is intuitive, fast, cross-platform and usable by all .Net/Mono languages.


  • Create cutting-edge graphics with OpenGL 4.4 and OpenGL ES 3.0.
  • Integrate 3d into Windows.Forms, WPF or GTK# applications.
  • Write once run everywhere: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS.
  • Use strong types and inline documentation to improve your code flow and catch errors sooner.
Read the frequently asked questions and the documentation for more information.

To run OpenTK programs you will need:

  • (Runtime) .Net 2.0 or higher on Windows; the Mono Framework on Linux and Mac OS X. For smartphones, you will need Xamarin Studio (commercial).
  • (Graphics) A video card with OpenGL drivers.
  • (Audio) A sound card with OpenAL drivers. On Windows, use OpenAL Soft (included with OpenTK).
  • (Desktop) Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Linux or Mac OS X. (Smartphones) Android 2.3+ or iOS.

To develop an OpenTK program, you will need an IDE like MonoDevelop (all platforms) or Visual Studio (Windows-only). OpenTK is written in C# but can be used with any .Net language, so pick the language of your choice (F#, VB.Net, C++/CLI, IronPython, ...)

Help wanted

OpenTK is a large project that runs on a huge number of different configurations. It is impossible to test every single configuration beforehand, but we will fix any issues we are aware of - so if you encounter a bug, please report it!


Official releasesDateSizeLinksStatus
1.1.0-stable2014-Feb-19585 bytesRecommended for 1.1This is currently the recommended release for 1.1.