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The Open Toolkit demo

The Open Toolkit demo is a community-driven project that demonstrates the capabilities of OpenTK. It is currently in early design / pre-alpha stage. Contributors wanted!


  1. Task #1362: The Open Toolkit demo, stage 1: brainstorming

How to get the code:

  1. Install an IDE (Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition, MonoDevelop 2.0 & 2.2 and SharpDevelop 3.0 are all fine. Higher versions will work, too.)
  2. Install git (Windows, Mac OS X, or Ubuntu: "sudo apt-get install git-core").
  3. Run git clone git:// from a terminal, or from the git gui (on Windows, right click a folder and select "Git GUI here").
  4. Open Demo.sln and hack at will!
  5. git commit -a . to commit your changes to your local branch (or click the "commit" button in Visual Studio).

Proper packages will be created once the code is more mature.


Official releasesDateSizeLinksStatus
1.x-dev2009-Nov-10n/aRecommended for 1.xThis is currently the recommended release for 1.x.