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The Open Toolkit library 0.9.x-dev

First released: 14 November, 2008 - 13:20

Development package for the 0.9.x series.

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The Open Toolkit library 0.9.1

Download: opentk-
Size: 1.41 MB
md5_file hash: 044fe083adab31b65060d88403a4a55b
First released: 4 May, 2008 - 23:08
Last updated: 30 October, 2008 - 14:11

Sourceforge download.

I hope you like long release notes, because this release needs them. Here is the short version - check Documentation/Release.txt for the long one:

  • OpenTK.OpenAL has been renamed to OpenTK.Audio. Alut and Alc have been replaced by AudioContext and AudioReader. EFX and XRam extensions are now supported. Many fixes and improvements to the interface.
  • OpenTK.OpenGL has been renamed to OpenTK.Graphics. GraphicsContext (previously GLContext) has improved support for context creation and sharing - stencil, stereo and the rest of the parameters finally work. DisplayDevice allows to find and change the resolution of any monitor in the system.
  • GameWindows can now be fullscreen. You can also set the border of the window to "fixed" (cannot be resized) or "hidden". The mouse cursor now behaves correctly.
  • Many bug and stability fixes: mouse deltas are now reported correctly, the font renderer now correctly restores state, Matrix4.Frustum now works with skewed matrices and much more.