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IssueARB_texture_ compression_rgtc Inertia39065 years 51 weeks ago
IssueARB_texture_rg Inertia214005 years 51 weeks ago
IssueEXT_texture_integer Inertia213505 years 51 weeks ago
IssueARB_color_buffer_float Inertia28625 years 51 weeks ago
NewsSite upgrade: quotes and avatars the Fiddler118465 years 51 weeks ago
Forum topicMatrix4.Ortho Kamujin1533435 years 51 weeks ago
Project releaseThe Open Toolkit library 0.9.4 the Fiddler222075 years 51 weeks ago
IssueIssue: GameWindow default position JTalton38945 years 52 weeks ago
IssueIssue: GameWindow Mouse Grab/Capture Support JTalton412375 years 52 weeks ago
IssueARB_texture_buffer_object Inertia18976 years 11 min ago
Forum topicNeed help with GLWidget ITel317996 years 3 days ago
Project releaseThe Open Toolkit library 0.9.3 the Fiddler018956 years 4 days ago
IssueWrong XML documentation file for OpenTK.Utitlities martinsm28116 years 5 days ago
IssueTextPrinter (TextQuality.High) failure (with patch to fix) rdrake38916 years 5 days ago
IssueQuaternion bug puklaus38296 years 5 days ago
IssueFix MouseDevice.Move ALyman810166 years 5 days ago
Forum topicMac OS X progress kanato4357316 years 1 week ago
Forum topicGL.SupportsExtension ("VERSION_2_0") returns false, OpenGL Extension Viewer disagrees bear516196 years 1 week ago
Project releaseThe Open Toolkit library 0.9.2 the Fiddler317346 years 2 weeks ago
IssueInput Exceptions under 64bit Windows Kamujin411376 years 2 weeks ago
IssueOpenTK from SVN has Texture Issues JTalton610756 years 2 weeks ago
IssueOpenTK.Math.Half the Fiddler6870546 years 2 weeks ago
IssueMath.Vector* speedups Inertia810406 years 2 weeks ago
IssueWebsite file attachments don't accept .tgz extension kanato29966 years 2 weeks ago
Forum topicQuaternion Patch Kamujin714106 years 2 weeks ago