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IssueWinGraphicsMode gives unaccelerated GL even when acceleration is available tksuoran3149746 weeks 1 day ago
IssueAdding new extension iliak1185746 weeks 1 day ago
IssueAccess Violation Exception with GameWindow Initialization coder133149246 weeks 1 day ago
IssueGL.ReadPixels() interferes with pixelstore pack alignment tksuoran1181946 weeks 1 day ago
Issueneed help to find binaries dneshgosavi2132046 weeks 1 day ago
IssueHow to fix the frozen menu on Mac OS X, if you game implements manual event loop processing. doterax2197646 weeks 1 day ago
IssueHang on initialization in Windows with libX11.dll bmerrison1134746 weeks 1 day ago
IssueOccasional AccessViolationExceptions when creating the GraphicsContext Trillian15438946 weeks 1 day ago
IssueEvery k-th polygon missing Vojta12270546 weeks 1 day ago
IssueGLControl/GameWindow disables Aero under Win7 reibisch11433546 weeks 1 day ago
Issue[Input] Add static classes for Mouse, Keyboard and GamePad input the Fiddler421432946 weeks 1 day ago
IssueMemory Usage Constantly Rising daleluck7182146 weeks 1 day ago
IssueNo mouse input from OpenTK.Input.Mouse.GetState() on Mac AndyKorth5174146 weeks 1 day ago
Issuemissing finalizer in GraphicContext poupou189746 weeks 1 day ago
IssueCreate Official OpenTK nuget Package zastrowm6270646 weeks 1 day ago
IssueSimple ES 2.0 crash on OSX 10.7.5 seacloud94131646 weeks 1 day ago
IssueOverriding GameWindow.OnKeyDown and GameWindow.OnKeyUp, no effect. migueltk5158846 weeks 2 days ago
IssuePicking example's problem puklaus383646 weeks 2 days ago
Forum topicGLControl and WPF protandeous2197846 weeks 2 days ago
Forum topicMixing OpenTK and a vtk render window on Win 32 bits. njz36242546 weeks 2 days ago
Forum topicFinding Top-Left of GameWindow Yaminichi352546 weeks 2 days ago
IssueAdd support for WPF interop for NVidia drivers using new WGL_NV_DX_interop benjcooley7408346 weeks 2 days ago
IssueSpinning Cursor and unresponsive to input on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Dave2148846 weeks 2 days ago
IssueDisplay detection fails when Nvidia twinview is enabled under linux jdomnitz10176346 weeks 2 days ago
IssueBox2 constructor bug Southpaw2129346 weeks 2 days ago