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IssueVector3d.ToString() et al are not locale-safe anathema18293936 weeks 5 days ago
Issueconversion from matrix to quaternion and back avc8122749836 weeks 5 days ago
IssueTypo in Mac OS key map for Key_5 (6, 7, and 8) AndyKorth3383236 weeks 5 days ago
IssueFix for Parallax_FS.glsl (in the SwizzledParallax example) for Mac AndyKorth3322136 weeks 5 days ago
IssueFix for ClientRectangle setter on Windows (WinGL) and Linux (X11) AndyKorth3136036 weeks 5 days ago
IssueES*.GL.DeleteTexture missing uint overload rolf3103036 weeks 5 days ago
IssueGLX extension support is not checked correctly benjamin4162436 weeks 5 days ago
IssuebitsPerPixel: Must be greater than zero. shorowit4163936 weeks 5 days ago
IssueStencilFuncSeparate() signature has OpenTK.Graphics.OpenGL.Version20 face tksuoran4313336 weeks 5 days ago
IssueGLControl inside a user control crashes during design time terryhau9360436 weeks 5 days ago
IssueCursorVisible bugs CXO21688636 weeks 5 days ago
IssueCrash on Bind.exe w/ latest .xml (purpose to gain access to NV Path Rendering) Bunter3204636 weeks 5 days ago
Project releaseThe Open Toolkit library 1.1-2014-01-02 the Fiddler036536 weeks 5 days ago
NewsThe Open Toolkit Library 1.1 beta4 the Fiddler0149336 weeks 5 days ago
Forum topicTranslate Z axis does not work as expected mcb_132236 weeks 5 days ago
Forum topicHow to do a Light setting and Background image Loading in Windows form using OpenTK? VASUDEVAN048236 weeks 5 days ago
NewsNuget packages for OpenTK now available the Fiddler097336 weeks 5 days ago
Book pageJoystick Input the Fiddler0114736 weeks 5 days ago
Book pageGamePad Input the Fiddler0131536 weeks 5 days ago
Book pageKeyboard Input the Fiddler0316936 weeks 5 days ago
Forum topicHow to get KeyPressEventArgs? flopoloco230936 weeks 5 days ago
Forum topicnewbie help with attribute in example tutorial Bruce_Baker140636 weeks 6 days ago
Forum topicIs there a way to reduce external dependencies on Linux and OS X? winterhell257436 weeks 6 days ago
Forum topicDeveloping Android Game with OpenTK CXO2051537 weeks 2 days ago
Forum topicEverything throw "NotImplemented" Exception CXO2270937 weeks 2 days ago