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Issue2byte character may causes a bug with GL.ShaderSource . Shocker1447192 years 7 weeks ago
IssueMouse up outside window doesn't register swiftcoder1036552 years 7 weeks ago
Blog entryScenegraph Transformation - Skeletal Animation flopoloco035732 years 7 weeks ago
Blog entryintegration into WPF lid6j86242002 years 8 weeks ago
ProjectLEngine and 1 Minute Warfare croman102036562 years 8 weeks ago
Project releaseQuickFont - Text Printing and Font Generation Library 1.0.2-final-1 the Fiddler013382 years 9 weeks ago
NewsThe Open Toolkit library 1.1 the Fiddler5102662 years 10 weeks ago
Project releaseThe Open Toolkit library 1.1.0-stable the Fiddler041592 years 10 weeks ago
Blog entryCloo 0.9.1 nythrix123542 years 10 weeks ago
Book pageFrame Buffer Objects (FBO) Inertia1669262 years 11 weeks ago
Project releaseThe Open Toolkit library 1.1.0-rc2 the Fiddler06922 years 12 weeks ago
NewsThe Open Toolkit Library 1.1 rc2 the Fiddler031762 years 12 weeks ago
NewsThe Open Toolkit Library 1.1 rc1 the Fiddler634822 years 12 weeks ago
Project releaseCgen.Audio 0.2.0 CXO207012 years 14 weeks ago
IssueCrash in OpenTK.Platform.Windows.WinRawKeyboard.GetRegistryKey nbulp1049512 years 15 weeks ago
IssueFail to create Core OpenGL profile context (3.2) on Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) kvark846542 years 15 weeks ago
Issue"Unable to find Entry point named 'glClearDepthf' in DLL 'opengl32.dll" JWman129752 years 15 weeks ago
IssueDynamic VBO freeze on linux eMZi0767214492 years 15 weeks ago
IssueConvenience overloads are not documented the Fiddler120642 years 15 weeks ago
IssueList of FSAA levels puklaus325662 years 15 weeks ago
IssueGraphicsMode.Default.Depth is 32bpp on a laptop which only supports up to 24bpp depth. KimikoMuffin619432 years 15 weeks ago
IssueWrong invoke call on EGL for GetProcAddress. GuillermoGarces420842 years 15 weeks ago
IssueExamples.Program.Main doesn't quite work on a Mac AndyKorth318382 years 15 weeks ago
IssueExtra mouse buttons aren't registered correctly on windows Radobot719112 years 15 weeks ago
IssueNVidia Optimus not switching to discreet GPU Robmaister349372 years 15 weeks ago