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IssueConvenience overloads are not documented the Fiddler120732 years 18 weeks ago
IssueList of FSAA levels puklaus325782 years 18 weeks ago
IssueGraphicsMode.Default.Depth is 32bpp on a laptop which only supports up to 24bpp depth. KimikoMuffin619562 years 18 weeks ago
IssueWrong invoke call on EGL for GetProcAddress. GuillermoGarces421092 years 18 weeks ago
IssueExamples.Program.Main doesn't quite work on a Mac AndyKorth318552 years 18 weeks ago
IssueExtra mouse buttons aren't registered correctly on windows Radobot719242 years 18 weeks ago
IssueNVidia Optimus not switching to discreet GPU Robmaister349612 years 18 weeks ago
IssueProgrammatically resizing a non-user-resizable window on Linux fails (patch included) elisee122482 years 18 weeks ago
Book pageHow to check if an OpenGL extension is supported the Fiddler075552 years 18 weeks ago
Project releaseCgen.Audio 0.1.0-beta-0.1 CXO205192 years 18 weeks ago
Project releaseThe Open Toolkit library 1.1.0-rc1 the Fiddler08112 years 18 weeks ago
IssueGameWindow not working on Ubuntu 11.04 + nVidia cody1467752 years 20 weeks ago
IssueMac OSX 10.7.2 support? tksuoran526282 years 20 weeks ago
IssueWinGLContext Could not make current after waking computer from sleep dhakim230482 years 20 weeks ago
IssueWinGraphicsMode gives unaccelerated GL even when acceleration is available tksuoran317652 years 20 weeks ago
IssueAdding new extension iliak121972 years 20 weeks ago
IssueAccess Violation Exception with GameWindow Initialization coder13319912 years 20 weeks ago
IssueGL.ReadPixels() interferes with pixelstore pack alignment tksuoran122862 years 20 weeks ago
Issueneed help to find binaries dneshgosavi219432 years 20 weeks ago
IssueHow to fix the frozen menu on Mac OS X, if you game implements manual event loop processing. doterax225242 years 20 weeks ago
IssueHang on initialization in Windows with libX11.dll bmerrison117332 years 20 weeks ago
IssueOccasional AccessViolationExceptions when creating the GraphicsContext Trillian1552112 years 20 weeks ago
IssueEvery k-th polygon missing Vojta1236042 years 20 weeks ago
IssueGLControl/GameWindow disables Aero under Win7 reibisch1150972 years 20 weeks ago
Issue[Input] Add static classes for Mouse, Keyboard and GamePad input the Fiddler42169892 years 20 weeks ago