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Forum topicInconsistent FrameEventArgs.Time inlinevoid88311 year 15 weeks ago
Forum topicMouse Handeling on Linux Chris The Avatar35461 year 15 weeks ago
Forum topicIssue with Framebuffer on some machines Chris The Avatar36481 year 15 weeks ago
Forum topicProblems with WindowState, WindowBorder, and window size ds_creamer511841 year 15 weeks ago
IssueGameWindow not working on Ubuntu 11.04 + nVidia cody1462731 year 16 weeks ago
IssueMac OSX 10.7.2 support? tksuoran523831 year 16 weeks ago
IssueWinGLContext Could not make current after waking computer from sleep dhakim225491 year 16 weeks ago
IssueWinGraphicsMode gives unaccelerated GL even when acceleration is available tksuoran315671 year 16 weeks ago
IssueAdding new extension iliak119761 year 16 weeks ago
IssueAccess Violation Exception with GameWindow Initialization coder13316361 year 16 weeks ago
IssueGL.ReadPixels() interferes with pixelstore pack alignment tksuoran120121 year 16 weeks ago
Issueneed help to find binaries dneshgosavi214981 year 16 weeks ago
IssueHow to fix the frozen menu on Mac OS X, if you game implements manual event loop processing. doterax221291 year 16 weeks ago
IssueHang on initialization in Windows with libX11.dll bmerrison114141 year 16 weeks ago
IssueOccasional AccessViolationExceptions when creating the GraphicsContext Trillian1545951 year 16 weeks ago
IssueEvery k-th polygon missing Vojta1229801 year 16 weeks ago
IssueGLControl/GameWindow disables Aero under Win7 reibisch1145881 year 16 weeks ago
Issue[Input] Add static classes for Mouse, Keyboard and GamePad input the Fiddler42154191 year 16 weeks ago
IssueMemory Usage Constantly Rising daleluck719941 year 16 weeks ago
IssueNo mouse input from OpenTK.Input.Mouse.GetState() on Mac AndyKorth519201 year 16 weeks ago
Issuemissing finalizer in GraphicContext poupou110011 year 16 weeks ago
IssueCreate Official OpenTK nuget Package zastrowm628361 year 16 weeks ago
IssueSimple ES 2.0 crash on OSX 10.7.5 seacloud9414551 year 16 weeks ago
IssueOverriding GameWindow.OnKeyDown and GameWindow.OnKeyUp, no effect. migueltk516711 year 16 weeks ago
IssuePicking example's problem puklaus39261 year 16 weeks ago