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Issue[Platform] IGraphicsMode implementations depend on System.Windows.Forms the Fiddler2277819 weeks 5 days ago
Issue[GameWindow] Add character information to input events Anonymous6297619 weeks 5 days ago
IssueTask list for OpenTK 1.0 the Fiddler1250319 weeks 5 days ago
IssueIs There anyone has some source code about loading Obj file in C# Toanso2182019 weeks 5 days ago
IssueBindFramebuffer() returning InvalidOperation error anathema7223419 weeks 5 days ago
Issue[OpenTK] Create DEB packages for Debian/Ubuntu and derivatives (help wanted) the Fiddler1450019 weeks 5 days ago
IssueFix table of contents links in Manual.pdf the Fiddler1367719 weeks 5 days ago
IssueGen/Delete helpers for single object generation zahirtezcan2157219 weeks 5 days ago
IssuePowerVR ES emulator throws AccessViolationException on Egl.Initialize the Fiddler1373919 weeks 5 days ago
IssueUsing XmlSerializer with OpenTK ends up in MDA ContextSwitchDeadlock in exactly 60 seconds Tenuki54258619 weeks 5 days ago
IssueOpenTK and WPF interoperation the Fiddler392185019 weeks 5 days ago
Issue[OpenGL] Add tokens for OpenGL 3.2 specs the Fiddler8285319 weeks 5 days ago
IssueGamePad / Joystick support iliak8419419 weeks 5 days ago
IssueProvide stubs for multi-monitor API, so that it works on Windows 98 the Fiddler1278419 weeks 5 days ago
IssueOption to drop all legacy OpenGL tksuoran5212019 weeks 5 days ago
Forum topicAnisotropic Filtering in OpenGL 3.2 sgsrules4326719 weeks 5 days ago
IssueAudioReader not implemented? Toastgeraet3210519 weeks 5 days ago
IssueIndexed accessor for Vector3 franz_19601207719 weeks 5 days ago
IssueOpentTK.Input.Mouse.GetState() crash Amorphis1175819 weeks 5 days ago
IssueCannot create GLControl on Mac, SetBufferRect throws NotImplementedException() Ollhax1118119 weeks 5 days ago
Issue2byte character may causes a bug with GL.ShaderSource . Shocker14363819 weeks 5 days ago
IssueMouse up outside window doesn't register swiftcoder10301819 weeks 5 days ago
Forum topicHow to contribute to the documentation translation? kebugcheck020919 weeks 6 days ago
Forum topicExclusive fullscreen Rhedox441019 weeks 6 days ago
Forum topicGet started with Lua Veovis_Muaddib245319 weeks 6 days ago